Why using signal conditioners?
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1. Protect the field signal in the event of a fault

The signal conditioner protects the field circuit in the event of a short circuit. Otherwise, the faulty circuit may shut down the entire supply chain and may cause damage to the wiring. The signal conditioner provides short-circuit protection for each circuit of the field device. If a single circuit fails, the other circuits are not affected.

2. Reliable signal doubling

When multiple parallel outputs require signals, such as in DCS and ESD systems or data acquisition systems, the signal conditioner provides input signals in parallel at the output. The input signal can be used independently by multiple systems. In the event of a system failure, other signals remain available.

3. Potential equalization

The signal conditioner adjusts the source and sink in the signal circuit. When the field device and the control unit feed current into the channel at the same time, the result is that the circuit does not work. The signal conditioner ensures the potential equalization in the channel. All combinations of current sinks, current sources and voltage sources can be realized.

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