1 inputs 1 outputs RTD Input Isolated Barrier
GS8577-EX.RTD  1 inputs 1 outputs RTD Input Isolated Barrier
Loop-powered isolated barrier, converts thermal resistance, thermal couple, and mV signal in hazardous area into 4~20mA signal.TC input has cold junction compensation function. It is intelligent, indexing number of TC and range can be configured through computer.
Number of channels:
Input signal:
Thermal resistance PT100
Thermal resistance Cu50
Thermal resistance Cu100
Output signal:
4~20mA(Without Energy)
Power Supply Mode :
Loop Power Supply
Power Conntecion Mode:
Terminal Power Supply
Product details
Technichal Data

1 inputs 1 outputs RTD Input Isolated Barrier

1 inputs 1 outputs RTD Input Isolated Barrier

Product Name  GS8577-EX.RTD Isolated Barrier
Number of channels  1input/1output
Supply voltage(Ue)  12~30V DC
Input signal  Pt100;Cu50;Cu100
Output signal  4~20mA
Weight  Approx 150g
Field apparatus  2-RTD;3-wire RTD

1 inputs 1 outputs RTD Input Isolated Barrier1 inputs 1 outputs RTD Input Isolated Barrier


Q: What information should I provide before order?

A:  Please confirm the input data, output data and another function you need.


Q: How long is your warranty period?

A: Dedication to our customers and recognition of industry requirements, we announced 5 years warranty at 2 0 1 3 and continues to drive our development of new products and solutions to meet our customers’ needs.


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are manufacturer, providing own brand product and also ODM/OEM services. 


Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: ≤ 20 pcs, generally it is 3 days after 100% down-pay; 20--100 pcs,  it is 3-10 days according to quantity; More than 100 pcs,  pls contact with our support.


Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: 100% T/T in advance.

1 inputs 1 outputs RTD Input Isolated Barrier

1 inputs 1 outputs RTD Input Isolated Barrier

1 inputs 1 outputs RTD Input Isolated Barrier

Input data
Output data
Power supply
Product approvals
Safe data(EX)
EMC data
Operating conditions
Connection data
Number of channels 1input/1output
Dielectric strength Non-intrinsically safe part and intrinsically safe part≥2500VAC
Temperature drift 0.01%F.S./℃
Response time Reach 90% of final value in 1s
Insulation resistance Non-intrinsically safe part and intrinsically safe part≥100MΩ
Electromagnetic compatibility According to IEC 61326-1(GB/T 18268)
EX marking [Ex ia Ga]IIC [Ex iaD]
Weight Approx 150g
Field apparatus 2-wire RTD;3-wire RTD
Suitable location zone 0;zone 1;zone 2;IIA;IIB;IIC;T4~T6
Input data
Input signal Pt100;Cu50;Cu100
Output data
Output signal 4~20mA
Current output load resistance RL≤(Ue-12)/0.021Ω
Alarm indication Lower limit overflow alarm, output current ≈3.8mA;Upper limit overflow and breakage alarm, output current ≈20.8mA
Power supply
Supply voltage(Ue) 12~30V DC
Power protection Reverse protection of power supply
Power supply mode Loop powered
Power connecting mode Terminal
Depth 118.9mm
Height 106.0mm
Width 17.5mm
Brand Phoenix
Material PC
Degree of protection IP20
Flammability rating UL94/V0
Colour gray
Product approvals
Approvals NEPSI
NEPSI [Ex ia Ga] IIC Comply with standard: GB 3836.1、GB 3836.4、GB 3836.20 [Ex iaD] Comply with standard: GB 12476.1、GB 12476.4
Safe data(EX)
Max. r.m.s. a.c. or d.c. voltage Um 250V
Max.output voltage Uo 8.5V(9,10,11)
Max.output current Io 20mA(9,10,11)
Max.output power Po 43mW(9,10,11)
IIC Max. external inductance Lo 3.6mH(9,10,11)
IIC Max. external capacitance Co 6.5μF(9,10,11)
IIB Max. external inductance Lo 10.8mH(9,10,11)
IIB Max. external capacitance Co 60μF(9,10,11)
IIA Max. external inductance Lo 28.8mH(9,10,11)
IIA Max. external capacitance Co 1000μF(9,10,11)
EMC data
Electrical fast transient/burst immunity According to:IEC 61326-1;Class A
Surge immunity According to:IEC 61326-1;Class B
Radiated,radio-frequency,electromagnetic field immunity According to:IEC 61326-1
Electrostatic discharge immunity According to:IEC 61326-1;Class A
Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields According to:IEC 61326-1
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature -20℃~+60℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+80℃
Relative humidity 10%~90%
Environmental requirements The air should not contain any medium corrupting the coat of chrome,nickel and silver.Moreover,violent quiver and impact or any cause of electromagnetic induction (such as big current or spark,etc.)must be avoided when using
Connection data
Conductor cross section solid range 0.5~2.5mm²
Conductor cross section flexible range 0.5~2.5mm²
Conductor cross section AWG min. 12
Conductor cross section AWG max. 24
Stripping length 8mm
Screw thread M3
Connection method Screw connection
Tightening torque min. 0.5 Nm
Tightening torque max. 0.6 Nm
Mounting type DIN35mm
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